OMA DiagMon


OMA DiagMon
In the world of over 4 billion GSM and 3G users, wireless Operators spend millions of dollars for post-sale services. The consumer base is exponentially increasing day by day and manageability and service of mobile phones is getting complex with various hardware and software capabilities being added.

What does it offer?

The Diagnostics Management Object (DiagMon) V1.0 Enabler [DiagMon-TS] supports the following functionality:
1) Diagnostics Policies Management: Support for specification and enforcement of policies related to the management of diagnostics features and data.
2) Fault Reporting: Enable the device to report faults to the network as the trouble is detected at the device.
3) Performance Monitoring: Enable the device to measure, collect and report key performance indicators (KPIs) data Has seen by the device such as on a periodic basis.
4) Device Interrogation: Enable the network to query the device for additional diagnostics data in response to a fault
5) Remote Diagnostics Procedure Invocation: Enable management authorities to invoke specific diagnostics procedures embedded in the device to perform routine maintenance and diagnostics.
6) Remote Device Repairing: Enable management authorities to invoke specific repairing procedures based on the results of diagnosis procedures.

How can you benefit from DiagMon?

The OMA-DiagMon enables management authorities to proactively detect and repair troubles even before the users are impacted, or to determine actual or potential problems with a device.

  • Network Effect for OMA-DM based technology- OMA DM clients are growing, operators are investing in a server, consequently driving more demand for phones with the client already bundled onto them.
  • For end users this means better experience in terms of remote problem solving, reducing the need to visit the customer contact centers to the very minimum.
  • For Device Manufacturers this means reduced customer contact center and repair costs and driving retention by improving customer experience.
  • For Operators this means reduction of customer contact center and repair costs. OMA-DiagMon also provides tools for performance monitoring for devices on the field

When would OMA DiagMon be available?

OMA-DiagMon is now ready for adoption – Approved as Candidate Enabler by Open Mobile Alliance (OMA-TP-2009-0138-INP_DiagMon_V1_0_ERP_for_Candidate_Approval)

To contribute or to know more about OMA DiagMon, email me at
Also, Please take a moment to have a look at the Device Management Roadmap


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