So what is Symbian Connectivity?


This is the blog for the connectivity technology team in Symbian. There are three important questions to answer initially: Who are we; What do we mean by connectivity and What do we do?

Who are we?

We’re part of the Technology Management team at the Symbian Foundation. At the moment the team consists of Tom Pritchard, Richard Collins and Gaurav Katyal.

What do we mean by connectivity

Connectivity relates to all the technologies involved in communicating with people and services outside of the mobile device. In Symbian terms this means the following technology domains:

What do we do?

Our role is to shape and manage the direction of the connectivity technologies in Symbian and their interaction with the rest of the platform. Our goals are to build Symbian into the most complete, competitive and open platform available and to ensure that a large and healthy community thrives around it. How do we actually do that:

  • By working with the Symbian community to understand their needs and drive the technology forward.
  • We work with members who are interested in contributing, helping them through the process.
  • Derive the roadmaps and set out the strategy for the connectivity technology.
  • Engage with the community to help foster their ideas and see them realised in the platform

We are all about engagement with the rest of the community so please hook up with us to discuss the future of the platform. You can find us in the forums and mail lists or contact us direct.


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